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Hands & Voices (ASTra tm)
Advocacy Support & Training Program
"Speaking up, to be effective as advocacy, must be
persuasive. Advocacy is the process of attempting to
persuade others through logic, emotion, and ethical
(Masner, 2005)

Most families of children with special needs receive no
training to become effective as skilled educational
advocates with these skills. What training is available in
educational law and advocacy is often presented from a
professional viewpoint, and generic at that. That's why
H&V developed our own brand of advocacy training
presented from the parent perspective.
As this branded program from Hands & Voices develops,
be watching for opportunities to participate and become
a better advocate for your own child and all children in
If you are interested in knowing more, please contact
(l-r: Deshonda Washington, Sheryl Nelson, Nancy Armour)